Logo-trans I received a great idea from one of my top BFFs, Ryan of West Paw Design. In my last post Why I Recommend: LinkedInfluence, Ryan submitted a comment that he was also impressed with the site Lynda.com. I checked it out and it does look impressive.

Lynda.com provides online software training and tutorials. They boast over 65,000 tutorials covering software in both Windows and Apple. I browsed through the catalog and found plenty of programs I could use help with myself. I'm terribly guilty of only getting 10-20% of the full use out of many of the applications on my iMac, so this can fix that.

Ryan also gives me a good idea. I'm planning to share recommendations from time to time. Any recommendation I do offer will be with a product, person, or company that I have personal experience with. I get requests all the time to recommend products, share links, and blog about companies. I pay zero attention to them. I only recommend something I think is awesome.

But I also think if YOU have a recommendation that you have personal experience with, I'd be willing to share that, too. Fire me an email (steve@twohatmarketing.com), or post a Comment and let me know. I'll check it out and if it looks good, I might blog about it as a recommendation from you.

So thanks, Ryan! (BTW, I don't know Ryan's last name.) Ryan is one of my frequent commenters, which I appreciate. He also doesn't like me calling my readers BFFs, but that's what you are. I'm a very sensitive guy with a very fragile macho-male-blogger-speaker-consultant-author ego and you are my therapy group. I also know if I were thrown in jail in Mexico, each and every one of you would drop everything, leave your jobs and your families, go to Mexico and do whatever it takes to get me out. I sleep well knowing that.

Oh and BTW, if you have dogs or cats, you should check out West Paw Design! I'm familiar with them through my client, the Global Pet Expo. Great toys, beds, and other stuff. Just click the West Paw logo above.