Are you old enough to remember when air travel was a real pleasure? I started actively flying (primarily on American) when I was a freshman at Purdue University. Flying was fun. I looked forward to the experience.

36 years ago American Airlines started its frequent flyer program, arguably the most successful in airline history. Heavy travelers, like me, were rewarded for our loyalty. In the beginning it was pretty cool.

Fast forward to today. Air travel is NOT fun. It is NOT a great experience. Anybody who loves air travel has simply not traveled enough. My good friend George Walther is the lone exception.

Why does my customer experience with American Airlines have to be painful? I’m especially critical of AA and the other major airlines when I have such a great experience with another huge company, Apple.

Last week I had an unnecessarily poor experience on AA, but then had a very good experience with Apple Support.

Listen to my stories and see how businesses should be creating Uncopyable Customer Experiences and how this is not just offering better customer service.

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