Every marketing tool and tactic should stand trial for its life in delivering measurable and meaningful Return-On-Investment!

Yet too many “marketers” today insist that measuring actual revenues from marketing tools isn’t possible. Instead they insist on creating funny measurement tools that don’t have any real attachment to results. Tools like views…likes…shares…mentions…impressions…traffic…and my all time #1 hated “marketing metric” — awareness.

Have you EVER cashed a check on any of these? No, you haven’t. Yet these “smart” marketers will tell you that success through these made up metrics MUST grow your business. They can’t prove it, though. They just want you to believe they do.

Here’s a REALITY CHECK for you. Every marketing tool can and should be measurable. And if you can’t do it right now, it’s simply because it’s a SECRET!

Of course, a secret is simply something you don’t know yet. Once you know something, it can’t be a secret. Duh.

I’m pulling back the veil on how to measure ROI from ANY marketing tool. Everything you need to know is in this free webinar. Watch it. Take notes. Share it with your staff, your boss, your peers, your golfing buddies…heck, share it with your “marketing” agency! And then watch it again.

And in this webinar, not only do I show you HOW to measure any marketing tool, but I’ll also GIVE you a tool you can use forever with every marketing campaign you launch from now until the proverbial cows come home.

This is my gift to you and I’m not even asking for your email. Click the video below and watch it NOW.