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Let’s start with my book, UNCOPYABLE: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition.

Your competition is trying to kill you. Duh, we both know that. But how do you defeat them? Your products and services are actually pretty similar. Technology has commoditized everything. You say you offer the best customer service, but…well, that’s what the competition says, too.

That leaves price as the determining factor. And I’ll bet you DON’T WANT TO COMPETE ON PRICE! Am I right?

That’s where my book comes in. UNCOPYABLE will show you how to separate yourself from that evil empire through three powerful strategies and a brainstorming method you can use for years to come.

UNCOPYABLE has been on the market for only six months and has received RAVE reviews from top corporate business people Here’s a sample:
Steve reveals the “magic bullet” in branding – how to make your brand so distinctive that it cannot be copied.  What a common sense approach!  The trick is to execute – well.
Ross Born, CEO Just Born Quality Confections
Bethlehem, PA (producer of Peeps®, Mike & Ike®, Hot Tamales®)

“I have just finished reading Steve Miller’s new book, “Uncopyable.” It is terrific. I will read it again and incorporate Steve’s ideas in our marketing efforts.”
Duke Moscrip, Owner and Founder, Duke’s Chowder House Restaurant Chain, Seattle, WA

“Steve Miller is the master of marketing and a legend in the consulting world. In Uncopyable he argues successfully what it takes to be extraordinary in the ever-changing, highly competitive global sphere.”
Nido R. Qubein, president, High Point University, author, How to Be a Great Communicator

“I have read many business building books. None have been so interesting that I cannot put the book down! Steve Miller’s thoughts are so real world and so do-able, that I found myself putting into action, things that Steve wrote about in each chapter.”
Ron Dahlhaus, Owner, Buy Wise Auto Parts

By the way, UNCOPYABLE is a short, easy read, only 138 pages of actually copy. I wanted to get to the meat of my information, as well as the how-to-do-its. And you know what? I don’t need 400 pages to do that.

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For most businesses today, sales and marketing are very inefficient. Too much time and energy are spent uncovering good leads and wasted on unqualified suspects.
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