I read an article this week on Inc.com that said 60% of small businesses think their revenue growth is below average.

Let’s think about that. Statistically speaking, 60% CAN’T be underperforming, so this apparent lack of confidence must come from somewhere in the gut, not the spreadsheet.

Why would that be? Of course, we know our numbers, but not the competition’s. Somewhere along the line we’ve absorbed “clues” that skew our world view. And for the most part, those heuristics are based on guesses and not facts.

We “see” how our competition (and ourselves) communicate with the marketplace via marketing communications and media. If we think their marketing is better, we assume their results must be better.

What’s the rest of the story? How do you fix this? Watch this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business video and see the solution Steve has for you.

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