One of my biggest arguments with the so-called "gurus" today is their obvious narrow focus and opinions on what works, what doesn't, what you should be using, and what you shouldn't. Social media pundits swear that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Friendster, and Digg are the be-all, end-all of marketing tools for EVERYONE. Many decry the value of "old school" tools, like TV advertising, radio, coupons, newspapers, and even direct mail (probably the most powerful pure direct response tool still).

Even the vaunted Gary Vaynerchuck pilloried billboard marketing, as I wrote about in one of my posts last May. (BTW, Gary promised an interview shortly after my post, but he never came through.)

Here's the thing. EVERY marketing tool works for someone. There are many roads to the top of the mountain and don't you ever drink the Kool-Ade from anyone who says otherwise. Billboards don't work? Watch this case study of a new type of billboard created by Clear Channel and cleverly promoted by marketing agency Juxt. It's pretty cool and I can think of a lot of businesses that might be able to very profitably use this new technology.