JOEY SOUTHCENTER - Exterior close upI've been remiss telling this great customer experience story. About three weeks ago Kay, Kelly and I had dinner with our good friends Art Turock and Haley Ashland.

We chose Joey Southcenter, because we enjoy the food (blue cheese covered french fries!) and the waitresses are very easy on the eyes.  🙂

I ordered the burger with cheddar cheese and mushrooms. I've had it before and it's great. I did ask to hold onions.

When the food arrived, I noticed there was an onion slice on my burger. Now this is absolutely no big deal to me, but I stupidly mentioned it. Our waitress, Mayliza, graciously offered to take it back. I said no, I could just put it on the side of my plate and not to worry. Nothing more was mentioned about the onion.

When the check arrived, Mayliza leaned over and said, "I didn't charge you for your burger since it had onion on it."

Excuse me? I'm not getting charged simply because they inadvertently put a slice of onion on my burger? I said, "But it was no big deal, Mayliza. The burger was great and I'm happy to pay for it."

"No," she said. "We made a mistake and we don't feel you should have to pay for it."

Below is a photo of our receipt. You can see where Mayliza deducted my burger from the bill. But look at the symbol at the bottom that says, "Every Customer Leaves Happy." And it's signed by Mayliza.

Did I leave happy? No I didn't. I left AMAZED. I lefted WOWED. Will I go back to Joey's? Absolutely. Will I tell others about Joey's? Absolutely. Would I recommend Mayliza as your server at the Southcenter location? Absolutely.

Clearly, Joey's walks its talk. How far are you willing to go to keep your customers happy? (And don't go commenting, "Oh, it's only a $12.49 burger!" Imagine what Joey's would have done if we'd REALLY had a problem!) I ask again, how far are you willing to go to keep your customers happy?

And am I emailing her manager to tell this story? I already did.