If you've been reading my latest blog posts, you know I've started a series titled, The Old Rules of Business That Still Matter. (If you haven't seen the first two yet, you can click this to read Old Rule #1.

Right now I've got a total of 13 Old Rules I plan to write about, but I have to think that my list is incomplete! Do you have or can you think of an Old Rule that should be included? If yes, please send them to me! If I select yours to be included, I'll contact you to further discuss. Of course, you will be given credit, as well. Oh, and if by chance you send me one that's already on my list, I'll STILL give you credit!

I've had such great response to this, I plan to collect all of the Rules and publish them – initially as an e-book and ultimately as a real book. I hope to include many of you as contributors!

You can submit your Old Rule in a couple of ways. You can submit it via the Comment section below this post. Or you can send it via email to me at steve@twohatmarketing.com

I hope to get a lot of Old Rules from you! And thanks for being a reader.