Increase-email-open-rate I recently received an email from the World of Concrete that I believe is a great example of what NOT to do with email blasts.

The Subject Line read:

Re: Big news from World of Concrete 2012…

So as I scan this what am I thinking? Well, first it has an "Re:" in it. Normally, this starts a subject line as a reply ot somebody's email. It tells us this has some type of connection to something we either sent or we should be aware of, right?

Second, there's the promise of "Big news." Put these together and you have "Re: Big news!" Important! You'd better open this email!

OK, I bite and open the email. What's inside? Here's what's inside: Registration for World of Concrete 2012 is Now Open!

Sorry, but this is NOT big news. This is NOT the way to make a prospect like you, know you, or trust you. Tricking a prospect into opening an email is a great way to irritate people and incent them to unsubscribe, which I did.

I understand getting people to open your email is difficult. It's no different than getting people to open that direct mail piece, or stop by your booth, or take your phone call. BUT you should never use unabashed trickery or deception to accomplish any of that.