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FACT: It's tough to be different today.

Back in 2001, I was involved in the product launch for Proctor & Gambles’ all-new Swiffer WetJet. Creating a new “Quick Wet Mop” category for cleaning products, it was supposed to be a game changer. The launch was a tremendous success, but its uniqueness was short-lived. 3M quickly introduced a similar product under its Scotch-Brite brand. Today there are multiple players.

FACT: Technology is commoditizing everything.

We all face the same dilemma P&G faced thirteen years ago and today. We create a great new product, or design a big improvement on something that already exists, and what happens? Our competition immediately copies us! Why? Because it’s EASY. We are victims of easy commoditization. We start seeing the battle as “doing more of the same, but better.” And when this happens, it becomes difficult for the customer to see meaningful differences between suppliers. Ultimately, the fight becomes based on price.


So what do you do? I assume you don’t want to compete on price.


No, you need to find a way to separate yourself from the competition…to separate yourself in ways that are clear and easy to see…ways that are meaningful and valuable to your customer for a long time…ways that make your customers HAVE to do business with you and WANT to tell their friends to do the same.



Separate your business from competitors using my proprietary approach


Design a marketing strategy that communicates your message to the EXACT right target market


Accomplish all of this without investing a ton of money

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