Aaargh! I hate being human sometimes.

I’ve fallen into the trap of confusing busyness with effectiveness. You know what I’m talking about. We "really good time managers" diligently create our daily To-Do list. Then we prioritize the list to make sure we focus our efforts on the most important items first.

And that’s where the trap hits us. It’s only human nature to look at URGENT items as the most important.  But they’re not! Crap. I hate that trap.

It’s clear to me a lot/most/maybe all of my in-office time in the last couple of weeks have focused on the URGENT and not the VITAL. Two different things. Another way of putting it is I’ve spent most of my time working IN my business and not ON my business.

I pride myself on being vicious with my time, but I STILL periodically fall into the trap of busyness.

Don’t do it! Don’t be like I’ve been the last couple of weeks.

I have to go now and work on something important.