The Law of Unintended Consequences

I did a my monthly IMTS (imts.com) webinar with Oisin Lunny this morning about supply chain issues in the new reality. During our conversation I remembered a very important law we all need to be very wary of no matter what industry you’re in – the Law of...

Massive Action: Managing the Unknown

When I was young, had an experience that terrified me about the future. I got through that one and we will get through this time, too. Please watch this if you need some ideas for handling all this uncertainty. I share 7 Lessons I learned and took away from that...


The 11 Old Rules of Business That Still Matter

It might seem like the way we do business has changed,
but ultimately, we’re still people doing business with people.
Many old rules of doing business are just as applicable
today as they were 50, 100 years ago.

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