I heard these two words across the room

Have you ever been at a noisy party and all of sudden you heard something said that caught your attention? We all have. In my case, these two words were a really big dream I’d had for many years. And because I heard them from a conversation on the other side of...

Dropping F-Bombs in Your Marketing?

Maybe it’s my age showing. Maybe it’s my small town Indiana upbringing. I’m getting tired and more than a little offended by the loosening of language in the business world. Bestselling books dropping F— and Sh— in the title. High traffic websites casually using the...


The 11 Old Rules of Business That Still Matter

It might seem like the way we do business has changed,
but ultimately, we’re still people doing business with people.
Many old rules of doing business are just as applicable
today as they were 50, 100 years ago.

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