The Purpose of Marketing

What's the purpose of marketing? I've got my definition of marketing at the top of this page under the Two Hat Marketing title, but what's marketing's purpose? I believe it's very simple: The PURPOSE of marketing is to be on the mind of the prospect when the prospect...

Great Free Tool From TechSmith

I learned about a new screen recording tool this week called Jing. It's from TechSmith the creators of Camtasia. Jing is a great tool for multiple reasons. First, it's made for both PC and Mac platforms. That, in itself, makes it pretty way cool. Second, it's...

Look Familiar?

Thanks to the MIT Advertising Lab for finding this one. I have no problem with stealing other ideas. In fact, I encourage it. Some of the best ideas in business came through theft -- McDonalds drive-thrus stolen from banks, Velcro stolen from burrs in a field, the...

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