Massive Action: What Others Are Doing

Our objective is to help YOU not only get through this unprecedented situation, but be ready to hit the ground running when we all come out on the other side. Today my smokin' hot wife, Kay, and I share new examples of what other organizations are doing right now,...

Massive Action: Managing the Unknown

When I was young, had an experience that terrified me about the future. I got through that one and we will get through this time, too. Please watch this if you need some ideas for handling all this uncertainty. I share 7 Lessons I learned and took away from that...

Massive Action: Get Smarter

I've reached out to a lot of really smart and successful people during this craziness. I'm really curious to know how they're looking at this and what action steps they might be taking. Interestingly enough, ONE thing has stood from almost everybody I've communicated...

Massive Action #3: Get Outside!

In this tip, my smokin' hot wife, Kay, and I talk about the importance of taking breaks and getting outside! (Yes, I get out of breath, but I'm not in bad shape!) Be sure to watch my previous video, 5 Marketing Tactics You Can Do During the Crisis

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