If You Know It, Teach It

We all learn a LOT of useful and interesting lessons over our years, both in business and in life. Besides teaching me many such lessons, a very important mentor of mine regularly reminded me to also share with others. In a way, that's what content marketing really...

What Will You Do To Make 2020 Better?

2019 is careening wildly to its finish and one way I've got for taking my mind off the issues I can't control is to start working ON my business for 2020! I've got five questions for you. By taking the time to review your business in 2019 through your responses to...

Being Misled by Gwyneth Paltrow and a Running Bull?

GET MY 25 STOLEN MARKETING & BRANDING TIPS! =========================== Are you following rules of competition written by someone else? You might not think so, but you probably are. If you don't break away from that trap you will be following them forever. The...

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