Massive Action #3: Get Outside!

In this tip, my smokin' hot wife, Kay, and I talk about the importance of taking breaks and getting outside! (Yes, I get out of breath, but I'm not in bad shape!) Be sure to watch my previous video, 5 Marketing Tactics You Can Do During the Crisis

The Majority is Always Wrong

I was reminded this week of that quote from a good friend of mine, Dan Kennedy. Breakthrough innovations...separating yourself from the crowd...creating new paths to success... ...none of these happen when we follow majority thinking. Watch this week's UNCOPYABLE...

Greatest Super Bowl Promotion Ever?

Super Bowl LIV was a very good game, but many (most?) people actually watch the game for its commercials, right? HOWEVER, none of these matched up to what Steve believes is the BEST Super Bowl promotion ever. Do you know what it is? Be sure and COMMENT on this year's...

Too Busy For Marketing?

We've all fallen into this trap. Some of us learn from this mistake. Many don't. Many pay a terrible price. The trap? It's when business is so good, we don't have time for marketing. We get focused on operations, production, and delivery. But don't worry about that,...

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