Did NASA Invent Velcro?

There is an urban legend, widely circulated, that NASA “invented” Velcro during the Space Race years of the early and middle Sixties. The truth is both more interesting -- and more illuminating. That word “invention” isn’t my favorite, since it seems to imply that a...

A Brilliant Email from Maker’s Mark

For several years I’ve encouraged my BFFs to study and join the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. It’s a great case study of creating the club everyone wants to be a member of, a great way to be Uncopyable. You might be in that club because of something I said! On July...

Account-Based Marketing is a Shiny Object

One of the current hot business marketing fads is "account-based marketing," or ABM. On the surface, ABM sounds really cool and very, very smart. And some of the new jargon used by ABM providers is just techno-babble. It seems to almost as popular today as "pivot."...

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