The 3 Biggest Mistakes B2B Websites Make

I feel like I'm a broken record. (No, I won't explain. Ask your grandfather.) It seems like every time I start working with another B2B company the same three mistakes keep popping up on their website. I understand why this continues to happen. It's because you're in...

Should You Pay for Marketing?

Dave "The Voice" Loomis shares a story about an ex-client that wanted to promote their high-priced products via Hubspot's free subscription. This begged the question, when there are so many free tools available on the Internet, should you pay for marketing? =====...

Did NASA Invent Velcro?

There is an urban legend, widely circulated, that NASA “invented” Velcro during the Space Race years of the early and middle Sixties. The truth is both more interesting -- and more illuminating. That word “invention” isn’t my favorite, since it seems to imply that a...

A Brilliant Email from Maker’s Mark

For several years I’ve encouraged my BFFs to study and join the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. It’s a great case study of creating the club everyone wants to be a member of, a great way to be Uncopyable. You might be in that club because of something I said! On July...

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