I have a lot of BFFs who, like me, are owners of their own businesses. But when it comes time for us to move on, whether to retirement or some other new adventure, what do we do with the current company? Do we sell it, give it to our kids, or just shut it down? Listen to this interview I had with my friend, Walter Bergeron, who sold his small business for $10 million and now spends a lot of time with his family scuba diving in the Caymans.

Admittedly, the topic title doesn’t sound like it’s for everyone. But trust me, there is a boatload of great sales and marketing advice in this interview!

Let me tell you a bit about Walter. After a stint in the Navy, Walter started an industrial repair company in a small shed in the sugar cane fields of Louisiana. He eventually sold his business for $10 million and now guides other driven small entrepreneurs on a path to exponentially grow and sell their business.

Be sure to listen all the way through, so you can take advantage of the fantastic free gift Walter has for you.


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