Arrggh1_id138759_size0I sent out a plea for help yesterday to all my BFFs. I asked that you fill out a very short survey to help me in an upcoming speech. (BTW, if you haven't done that and it's still before Oct 31, 2011 you can still help! Click this link and take the survey. It's about 3 minutes.)

I also received a lot of emails about people's feelings about the topic of my survey. Thank you very much! But then I received one survey from BFF Bud Hughes complaining of insincere, unnecessary surveys. Here's what Bud had to say:
Seriously, I know you just sent me a survey, and I completed it, but EVERY hotel, airline, rent car, credit card, phone call to AT&T Verizon, Energy provider, Cable company, virtually any service I use nowadays is sending me follow up surveys.

I mean, come on Hampton Inn, it was just a bed and a shower and a little bottle of shampoo. Leave me alone already. And, are you really listening to my comments?
And then if you don’t fill it out they pester you about it.
Symbolism over substance, I say….
Send me out a 1 question survey. “Bud, was it what you expected”. If not, then send a follow up to get more info.
C.K. (Bud) Hughes

Travis Body & Trailer, Inc.

Any comments? How do YOU feel about what Bud's talking about?