LogoIf you've followed my Ramblings, videos, speeches, and writings, you know that I pick on hotels a lot. Why?


I just got off the phone with the Embassy Suites in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. My golf stud daughter, Kelly, is one of the invitees playing in this year's Future Collegian World Tour National Championship May 29-31. This is a great honor for Kelly and she's worked hard to be in that field.

When we first got the invitation, I immediately booked a room at the Embassy Suites for us to fly in on May 27, the day before the practice round. What I didn't realize at the time was that Kelly will be just finishing the Washington State High School golf championship on May 26. That would mean she would miss the entire week of school. Considering finals are the following week, we decided she should at least go to school on May 27. Then she and I can take a red-eye that night arriving the morning of May 28 in time for the practice round.

When I originally booked our room, I received a rate of $134 per night for five nights. With taxes our total would be $747.05.

Like I said, I just called the hotel to change our arrival to the next day, May 28, staying for FOUR nights. I'm thinking I will save the cost of that one night hotel.

But, of course, I am wrong. Cutting out that first night now gives me the NEW rate of $169 per night for four nights. With taxes my new total would now be $753.74. It would now cost me MORE for four nights than it originally did for five nights.

Does this make sense to you?

What did I do? I kept the original reservation and instructed that we would be arriving late…REALLY, REALLY late. If I'm paying the money anyway, then Embassy Suites doesn't get to make another night's room rate, which they would have undoubtedly done. And not only do they not get to make that extra money, but they get yet another black eye on the customer experience.

And you know what? I don't think they care.

Anybody out there have connections with Embassy Suites and/or Hilton? Please share this story with them.