IMG_1366 The next time you're in Spokane, WA and hungry for breakfast and looking for great food and great service and you don't mind practically sitting on the lap of the people in the booth next to you and also don't mind waiting 30-60 minutes for a table, you've GOT to go to Dolly's Cafe at 1825 N Washington St.

During Kelly's recruiting visit to Eastern Washington yesterday, women's golf coach Brenda Howe took us to Dolly's with the promise that we would love it. We did and it was for more than the food.

I need to tell you that Dolly's is small. I'm talking REAL small. Probably seats about 24 people comfortable, but squeezes in about 36. It's so small everybody was a lap child to each other.

Sunday morning breakfast has to be one of the best meals of the week and the people at Dolly's made the experience great fun. After the four of us wiggled our way sideways through the aisle to our booth, an effervescent young woman, Jackie, greeted us with a big grin and a completely infectious happy attitude. Despite the fact she was pretty much handling the entire restaurant, she never appeared harried or rushed. Jackie was amazing! And, the fact was, everybody else working at Dolly's had similar attitudes and smiles.

Jackie gives all of us a great lesson, not only in delivering outstanding customer service, but also a lesson in developing word-of-mouth. 

There is a difference between developing referrals and developing word-of-mouth. To me, referrals happen when, for example, a friend tells us about a need she has and we recommend a solution to her need. Word-of-mouth is the reverse. Without prompting, we feel compelled to tell our friends about a company, product, or service we experienced. And that's what's happening here.

But it wasn't because Dolly's food was so great that I'm telling you about it. It was because of Jackie's contagious enthusiasm. I asked her how she could be so chipper early on Sunday and she said, "lots of caffeine!" Then she added, "And I love what I do!"

We've all met Jackie's in our lives. And we often tell others about our encounter because, for some darn reason, we feel compelled to talk about it!

How many Jackies work in your company? How often do you get new business because someone said, "My friend, Steve, said I absolutely MUST buy from you because you are so amazing!"

If you want some first-hand training, then head on down to Dolly's Cafe in Spokane, Washington for breakfast. I'd tell you to ask for Jackie, but you'll probably spot her right away.