Posted on December 4, 2018


As you probably know, Steve’s book, Uncopyable – How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition, is available on Amazon. Steve and I keep an eye on the Amazon sales rank and price of Amazon on a pretty regular basis. Almost two years from the publication date, the book has proven staying power. Uncopyable reached #1 Best Seller status early in 2018, which we celebrated with glee. (Seriously, when the book hit #1, you should have seen Steve and I, jumping up and down with reckless abandon! Any jumping is EXTREMELY reckless at our age.)

The sales rank is pretty straightforward. There are three categories that are most applicable to the content. The ranking numbers for each category are posted under the book. The numbers fluctuate. We get it.

Here’s what we don’t get: the price. It fluctuates, too. We don’t know how and why. Amazon calculates the price based on data, algorithms and perhaps insights from their crystal balls (aka SPHERES). The method is hidden behind an Oz-like curtain.

If I could, I’d ask Jeff Bezos to explain, because he may be the only one who knows for sure. I’m reminded of the old Clairol tag line, “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” (Watch their 1957 commercial if you have any question about the progress women have made over the last 60 years).

It doesn’t matter to us, since we get paid the same no matter what. As near as we can tell, when sales go up, the price goes down. But it matters to you. Yes, we have a Holiday special: Buy 6 or more copies – Steve will autograph them (adding priceless value) and we’ll charge you just $17.50 each. We’ve had some smart marketers jump on this deal so they can give their customers a calorie-free gift they’ll actually use! (Email me and I’ll hook you up!)

If you haven’t purchased the book and just want a single copy, or know someone who hasn’t yet bought one, as of this moment the book is only $14.31. The deal won’t get any better than this. Go buy it!

Or it might. Only Jeff Bezos knows for sure.