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Video Transcript

Hey, Steve Miller, better known as "Kelly's Dad,"
back once again talking with you about marketing, and coming up with hopefully
some good marketing tips and ideas and strategies that are going to help you be
more successful. This particular blog this week is actually a result of last
week's blog. There were two things that happened from last week's blog.

first one was that I talked about Umpqua Bank and how they took over bank, my
old bank of many years. It was closed down by the FDIC and I talked about how
impressed I was when I did some research into them to find out how different
they try to be as a bank, you know. That's very cool and as a marketer, I
appreciate that very much.

I received a tweet from the vice‑president of marketing… Senior vice‑president
of marketing? I'm not sure. And he asked me if it was OK if they could share
that video with their employees and so they put it on their intranet and all of
the Umpqua employees in all of their stores have been watching this thing.

it's really cool because I've been getting lots of nice comments from them and
especially from the employees at the store that is now my local store. They got
a big kick out of seeing one of their customers on the Umpqua intranet. So that
was pretty cool.

second thing that came out of this was that if you go back and look at the blog
from last week, you'll see that I received two comments from people and they
start out by saying that… they're very complimentary about the information that
I provide in my blogs and they really like to get that.

they backed it up by saying that they do prefer to receive the information as
copy that it only takes them a couple of minutes to go through and they can get
the tips that I've got and then they can move on. Last week's tip was almost
ten minutes long and they had to wait till the end of the video to receive the

said, "You know, we really prefer to get this." And I thought,
"You know what? They have a very legitimate argument there, see."

the flipside is, I received over a dozen emails and separate comments from
people who said, "We loved the video. We love it when you do videos
because they're fun to watch, they're very entertaining, and you tell great
stories." OK?

I'm left with a dilemma, aren't I? Who do I need to listen to? Should I listen
to the people who prefer the video, OK, and don't mind the stories, especially
if they're a little bit longer? Or do I listen to the people who say "No,
I want this in a short verse, OK? Bullet points are even better, OK?"

the deal ‑ I have to listen to them both. We all have to listen to our

the name of my blog is Two Hat Marketing and the reason why
I call it Two Hat Marketing is because I'm trying to get you to
understand is you don't communicate with your customers and your prospects and
your target market in the way that YOU want to communicate with them. See, that
is the heuristic bias trap that we all fall into.

if you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "heuristic bias,"
then I recommend you go get my Marketing Stimulus Package. If you already have
it, go back and watch that particular video. If you don't have it, I recommend
you go subscribe to that, it's a heck of a deal.

lot of people have subscribed to that and I talk about heuristic bias, which is
a very powerful marketing tool and concept.

heuristic bias basically means that we don't see things as they are, we see
things as we are. And then what we tend to do, and especially in this
particular situation, what I'm talking about here, is that we tend to
communicate with people in the way that WE
prefer to be communicated with. Follow what I'm saying? OK?

see, for example, if I preferred to do video, if I preferred to receive video
as the way I like to gather information or receive information, then it would
stand to reason that I would probably just do videos, OK?

if I preferred to receive information in just short, two‑minute or two‑ or
three‑bullet point blurbs, then it would stand to reason that that's probably
how I would communicate with most of my marketplace. And both of those would be
a mistake.

going to say it again. I'm a broken record. The worst thing you can do is think
like a marketer. We have to take our marketer's hat off; we have to wear our
customer's hat or our prospect's hat. We have to talk to them in the way they
want us to talk to them.

so what that means is that if we're going to… Basically a couple of lessons
here. Lesson Number One is that if
we want to do a broad communication, like I'm doing in my blogs, OK, then I
have to vary the format. Because some of you prefer this, the video. Some of
you prefer to read the copy. And some of you actually also prefer to hear, you
prefer audio.

you'll notice that what I did this week was I've got the video in here, I've
also got the audio that some of you have downloaded as an MP3, as a podcast,
and you're listening to it as an audio. Some of you wanted to read this, and so
you are reading this because I had it transcribed and included that in there,
and I offered all three formats to you this week.

not going to do that every single week, but it's an example that we all need to
learn, is don't just communicate the way you want to communicate and be
communicated with. Communicate with the way your customers want to be
communicated with.

that leads to Lesson Number Two. When
you start to develop a personal relationship with people, you start making
personal contact with people, whether they are still prospects or they have
become customers, find out how they prefer to get information and then
communicate with them in that way, OK?

job as marketers is to make it as easy for people to do business with us as
possible, all right? And one of the ways that we can do that is by
communicating with them in the way that they prefer to be communicated with.
That's what that's all about.

do you have comments about that? Do you agree or disagree with that? Well, then
go write down below in the comments section and pop in your comment.

again, if you didn't pick up that Marketing Stimulus Package, well, I'm putting
a pitch in for it right now. Heuristics is a huge deal. Go get it right now,

is Steve Miller, better known as "Kelly's Dad," and I'll see you on
the Internet.