I first met Larry Winget about 26 years ago when we were both members of the National Speakers Association. We had a small gang of fresh faces – me, Larry, Mark Sanborn, Scott Friedman, Scott McKain, Lisa Ford, Eric Chester, Jeff Slutsky, and… who did I forget? We ran around together a lot and were called the Young Guns by the older speakers. Now we ARE the older speakers.

Larry (as many of the others have, as well) has developed fame as a best-selling author and known as The Pitbull of Personal Development. He's a blast to watch and a world-class presenter.

A couple of days ago, Larry wrote about his experience speaking to 125 incarcerated women at the Perryville Prison in Goodyear, AZ. His report on that experience is well worth reading. Click on this link to go to Larry's blog:

My Two Hours Inside Perryville Prison

Be sure to read the many comments left, as well. And I would also recommend any of Larry's books, if you haven't read them. He is blunt, but then, occasionally, I am too.