10 Questions EVERY Marketer Should Ask Themselves.

You’re a marketer, right? You might be a business owner, or an entrepreneur, a one-person office, a budding Donald Trump, or even work for a major corporation, but you’re here because you are connected to marketing.

Me, too.

I’ve been in marketing now for something like 34 years now. I’ve had some amazing successes and some downright embarrassing failures. I guess that’s the price you pay from sticking around long enough. And when you do stick around long enough, you begin to figure a few things out. Over these 34 years I’ve developed an insight and a philosophy that might be a bit skewed from your average marketing person.

But you’re not here to read about me. You’re here because you want to grab some new information that will help your business. I’ve developed a series of questions I think every businessperson MUST be able to answer, and yet most can’t. Most of these questions won’t be found in your typical marketing book, so be prepared to get a few surprises. You might also be surprised at how common sensical they are, too. (Is “sensical” even a word?)

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