“People don’t buy from you because you’re similar to the competition.”

Steve Miller


If your business faces INTENSE COMPETITION, PRICE PRESSURE, needs new ideas for GENERATING LEADS AND NEW CUSTOMERS, or maybe is devolving towards COMMODITY STATUS


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Don’t Just Get Out Of The Box…


Simply improving your products and services is a losing proposition these days. Improvement is short-term, because you’re making it EASY for the competition to catch you.

Your objective isn’t just to be better than the competition in your market’s eye. It’s to be UNCOPYABLY SUPERIOR. And that’s what Steve Miller is all about.

B2B Marketing

Why Choose Steve?

Organizations who work with Steve Miller to consult for their organization or speak at their events learn what it takes to become UNCOPYABLE.

High Level Content

Experience a highly interactive, customized, educational, entertaining, and (dare we say it?), motivating presentation.

Many Years of Experience

Steve is a “gunslinger” whose walked the talk. He has many years of experience, working his way up from entry level sales, to VP of Sales and Marketing, to advising Fortune 500 CEOs.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Steve has hundreds of happy clients who have experienced increases in profit and substantial business growth, including a high percentage of repeat clients.

Client Reviews

Walk Away With New Eyes

“I’ve known Steve for many years – he’s one of the best marketers out there. He’s unique because he walks the talk; he’s been a successful business owner for 30 years. As a speaker, Steve Miller has a powerful message that he tailors to each audience. He uses personal stories, real-world examples and humor to reinforce his mantra: Better isn’t good enough. The “Uncopyable” message hits home with audiences, and they walk away with new eyes, and tools they can use right away to help make their own businesses Uncopyable.”

– Tom Conley, President and CEO, High Point Market Authority

Revenue Increase of 1,879%!

“Steve grabs the audience’s attention from the moment he starts. He’s funny and relatable – but more important, his Uncopyable message is a whole new way of thinking about marketing in a competitive world. His message inspired us to take steps to be “Uncopyable – including the development of marketing tools that have resulted in an unbelievable year–over-year revenue increase of 1879.1%! (Yes, you read that right!). Our results are a testament to the power of Steve Miller’s message.”

– Pete Harris, Co-owner, Incisive Computing Solutions, LLC

Grew 40% in FOUR Months!

“Having an Uncopyable Strategy has helped our company grow 40% in the last four months! Steve and Kay have given me something  I can take and run with  immediately. I use it every day to get a competitive advantage over the competition.”

Kindsey Haynes, Marketing Director, Iron Tech Security

Already Sold More Than All of Last Year!

“A prospect called last week to get information and the next day he ordered and today we are delivering it.  Sooo much better than last year.  It’s only March and we already have more machines sold than all of last year.  Tents sales are crazy too.  I am backed up 4-6 weeks.  I’ve had so many orders we haven’t even been able to make stock at all!”

Jenny Cole, Co-Owner, Charnecke Tents and CCC Washers

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