Who Did I Choose? (And A Challenge For You)

As I wrote in my last post, I recently decided to have my webinars transcribed and edited. The transcription part was easy, but then I needed someone who could take my verbal ramblings and make them readable. I chose oDesk.com for my little project and quickly received 27 proposals before cutting off the applications. After reading everybody's resum√©, I narrowed the list down to … [Read more...]

Who Would You Hire & Why?

Here's a nice little exercise for you. I recently decided to have my webinars transcribed and edited. Getting them transcribed is easy. Editing not so much. I could do the editing myself, but one of the Rules of Being Time Vicious is to never spend time doing low cost jobs. In other words, if I can do things that earn me $100 per hour, I should never do something I can pay someone $10/hr to … [Read more...]

The Uselessness of “Constructive” Criticism


Over the weekend I received an email from a woman who apparently watched my "Branding Secrets of Santa Claus" live webinar replay. Here is the entire message: "Thanks for the content, but why don't you value my time? I don't need to wait for you to drink your coffee." I actually thought she was just being funny, but to be sure I responded with: "Excuse me? I … [Read more...]

If Starbucks Can Screw Their Best Customers, Doggonit So Can We


I received an email today from some guy named Jeffrey Diskin, Executive Vice President of Commercial Services for Hilton Worldwide. (I've include a screen shot of the email below.) I don't know why commercials need servicing, but Jeffrey sounds very important. He thoughtfully thanks me for making Hilton HHonors my guest loyalty program. (I guess I never told him I was in 14 other programs. … [Read more...]

What is Your Agenda for Advertising & Marketing?


If you haven't read Dan Kennedy's great book, No BS Direct Marketing, you're missing a terrific learning opportunity! One of my favorite parts is on page 6. It reads: Big Company's Agenda for Advertising & Marketing 1. Please/appease its board of directors (most of whom know zip about advertising and marketing, but have lots of opinions). 2. Please/appease its stockholders 3. … [Read more...]

The Most Important Lesson I Learned From Zig Ziglar


I first "met" Zig Ziglar over 30 years ago. I didn't really meet him in person. I met him through a book. I was still in my "wilderness years." You know, those years when a kid gets out of college and then wanders aimlessly from job to job, trying to figure out what he's going to do for the rest of his life. I tried the PGA Tour...played with lots of the world's … [Read more...]