Winning at the Sport of Business


No, I don't have a man-crush on hunky billionaire Mark Cuban. Yes, this is the second post in a row I'm writing about him, but that's entirely coincidental. Just ask my dog, Maverick (the Dog Formerly Known as Hercules). When I read his blog post slamming the business value of Facebook last week, I noticed in the sidebar he had written a book, cleverly titled, How to Win at the Sport … [Read more...]

Mark Cuban Slams Facebook


Mark Cuban is an interesting guy... for a billionaire. Cuban made his fortune selling, an internet radio company acquired by Yahoo for just under $6 billion dollars. Apparently, he kept a big chunk of that for himself. Now the owner of the 2011 NBA Championship Dallas Mavericks and investor on Shark Tank, he has no compunction for sharing his unique (i.e. blunt) business … [Read more...]

Am I a jerk because I’m vicious with MY time?


You know what? Sometimes I'm a jerk and I'm being that way on purpose. It's not that I like being a jerk or that I want to be a jerk. It's because other people forced me to be a jerk. You see, I'm a jerk about my time. People don't want me to be in control of my time. THEY want to control my time. They probably want to control YOUR time, as well. People will send me an … [Read more...]