Marketing Lessons from the Election (So Far)


We're still over two months away from the 2012 Elections and things are really getting ugly, don't you think? Clearly, it's going to get worse, maybe a lot worse! But there may be a marketing lesson we can learn from while we watch this imbroglio. As much as I want to think the Democrats and Republicans are a bunch of whiney dweebos, in reality the brain trusts behind Obama and Romney … [Read more...]


I received an email from a good buddy of mine, Richard Schenkar, about his experience with the new Seattle CityTarget store.If you haven't heard about this, Target is opening test stores in the downtowns of several major cities. The first three opened the same week in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The experiment is to have a smaller footprint than a typical Target store and higher … [Read more...]