Are You A Victim Of The 20/80 Rule?

In 1906 Vilfredo Pareto observed that a high percentage of land was owned by a small percentage of people. He also noted that this same small percentage of people had a similarly high percentage of the income in every society. Contrary to what most people think, Pareto did not call this the 80/20 Rule, but instead referred to it a law of income distribution.It was Joseph Juran, a management … [Read more...]

Storytelling the Pixar Way


Good speakers and authors don't tell jokes. They tell stories. Good marketers use stories to explain their products and services. People relate to stories. Jokes are for cocktail parties. Even when presenting a marketing, or innovation, or branding talk to corporations, I'll use stories to drive important points home. But frankly, it's not easy for all of us to tell stories. … [Read more...]

A 17-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Tweet!! Hmmm…


One of the big stories at last week's U.S. Open golf championship was 17-year-old Beau Hossler. Beau made a good run at the professional and much older leaders through the whole tournament. He was on national TV a LOT and, as you'd expect, became a trending topic on Twitter. There's only one thing. Beau don't tweet. Interviewed on TV and asked about how he (and apparently his hot … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Netflixed! Interview with Saul Kaplan


Blockbuster saw Netflix coming and did nothing to defend their position. Blockbuster was the category killer of local mom-and-pop video stores, expanding to over 9000 stores at its peak. They were the VHS and DVD behemoth, but they were also blind (arrogant?) to the way video could be delivered and the irritants they caused their customers. Saul Kaplan coins the result as Blockbuster getting … [Read more...]

Q&A with Steve – June 4, 2012

Yesterday I tried something new. I asked a limited number of BFFs to send me their questions about marketing, innovation, and branding. I thought I'd get maybe a couple dozen. I received well over 100! I wasn't able to answer them all, but here's my attempt to answer as many as possible in one hour. (BTW, what questions do YOU have? I'm planning to do more webinars or teleseminars like this in the … [Read more...]