Sorry, Gary Vaynerchuk. This Time You’re Wrong.


Gary Vaynerchuk is a really smart dude. He calls himself a "self-trained wine and social media expert," and he might be. Gary built a name for himself as the energetic host of Wine Library TV, a massively successful online video blog. He finally shut down production in March 2011 after the 1000th episode! Many of you, I'm sure, have also read his bestselling book, Crush It! If you … [Read more...]

The Avengers Deliver The Unexpected WOW

My smoking hot wife, Kay, and I saw The Avengers this past weekend. It was one of those fun movies -- lots of action, awesome special effects, and a great example of what I call the Unexpected WOW. (Note: I know it was Mother's Day yesterday and maybe Kay would have preferred seeing Dark Shadows or some other chick-flick titled something like, When Harry Met Pretty Woman In The Twilight Of … [Read more...]

Would You Dare Argue With Peter Drucker?


You know who Peter Drucker is, right? He was (and probably still is) the godfather of management theory and practice. And if Peter Drucker gave you some great advice, would you dare argue with him? Don't be crazy, of course you wouldn't. Even if he is dead, I'd still be afraid of finding a horse's head in my bed tomorrow. Which leads me to a rather disturbing discussion currently … [Read more...]