Damn Those Customers & Their Expectations


If you're old, like me, you probably remember vacationing with the family way back when...driving down brand new interstates...and staying at some motel, like Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson's (HoJo's!). Back then we didn't expect much from our motel room. A bed, chair, bathroom, towels, a TV. However, one of my Mom's expectations for our motel of choice was a clean bathroom. The … [Read more...]

If Coca-Cola Can Use Content Marketing, So Can you


Joe Pulizzi has a cool post about Coca-Cola's new efforts to be a content marketer: Coca-Cola Bets the Farm on Content Marketing: Content 2020 I am big on content marketing, especially for B2B companies. And if a consumer products company, like Coca-Cola sees the value in using it, then maybe you should, too. Read Joe's post and watch the videos to see how a beverage company embraces … [Read more...]

Are Your Customers More Successful Because Of You?

I'm currently in Cincinnati speaking at a workshop for exhibitors in the huge International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). This is our fourth stop on a six-city tour educating companies how they can get the most out of exhibiting at the show this September. IMTS is produced by the Association for Manufacturing Technology out of McLean, VA. I've been consulting with them for over 16 … [Read more...]